Livermore Community Info

Livermore is a lovely community that can offer so much more then any other surrounding communities.  The city of Livermore has many different lifestyles to offer its residents, that give Livermore a very unique quality.  This city has a blend of arts, culture, wineries, and a western heritage. There are over 60 different wineries throughout the Livermore Valley.  Livermore’s winery scene has really taken shape making it a great place to go enjoy wine tasting and the beautiful views of the Livermore Valley.  Livermore’s historic downtown is the hot spot were you can enjoy shopping, dining, spa services, live music and entertainment.  There is still as sense of its roots of rural land and rustic ranches throughout Livermore. You still find 5 acre parcels to have horses, grow grapes, or just have privacy all over this city.  There are many wonderful things about Livermore that you should experience.


Livermore was founded in 1869 and it has grown up to have a population of over 80,700 people today.  Livermore is the home of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the Sandia National Laboratory were some the cutting edge technology is preformed. Recently Livermore rehabbed its historic downtown making it a charming and lovely destination.   There are three theaters to choice from a retro circa 40’s theater, a new state of the art digital theater, and the Bankhead Theater.  The Bankhead Theater is a 500 seat theater that brings in local and traveling performances including opera and symphony.  Livermore’s downtown also has great restaurants, fun nightspots, and great shopping.


Livermore is a great place to raise a family.  Children that grow up in Livermore are in a safe environment and have many different activities to choice from.  Livermore has all the typical sports to offer but they also have 4-H and FFA.  Motor cross is a very popular activity as there are two locations to ride dirt bike or quads. Livermore schools can all be visited below along with all the school rankings. Driving through the streets of Livermore you constantly see children playing as this is an extremely safe place.  The Livermore police do an excellent job keeping Livermore safe and perfect.

There are many events in Livermore that can be difficult to keep track off.  During the summer months every Thursday there is the farmers market in downtown Livermore.  The Bankhead Theater always has something going on.  The labor day Wine Festival is a two day festival were you can ride buses from each winery to the next.  The Livermore Rodeo is a local favorite which is always the second weekend in June.


Livermore is within the bay area and yet has so much to offer with a lot less congestion.  Livermore is such a unique place that it really cannot be described on paper it needs to be experienced in person.  Once you visit Livermore you will definitely want to live here.

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