4869 Livingston Pl
Pleasanton CA 94566


Pleasanton Community Info

Pleasanton is a hidden gem in the East Bay Area that offers so much to its residents. Living in here offers a safe, quiet, and event filled lifestyle that is hard to find. Pleasanton residents live a small town lifestyle even though it’s population is over 68,000 people. Not many northern California cities can offer the complete package that Pleasanton does. Generally people want to live in a safe environment, have excellent school for their children, and have a vibrant location that offers many different events. This city exceeds all of those demands easily with charm and beauty.

The phrase “family oriented” is easily a label you can use when referring to Pleasanton. Twelve of Pleasanton’s 14 schools have earned the California Distinguished School designation. Pleasanton’s school district prides itself as one of the top school districts around. The level of education has exceeded many people’s expectations offering many advanced placement courses allowing our students to have the opportunity to get into the top colleges. A 4.0 GPA is not what it used to be and now colleges demand more, and this city has answered those demands. Outside of education there is almost every sports activity for all children. From Little League to BMX courses to Band groups you can find in this city. Children will have a good balance of education and fun activities preparing them for life, living in the city of Pleasanton.

Pleasanton is an extremely safe environment for its residents. There is an extremely low level of activity here, which allows our Police department to maintain even the smallest things. Driving through the streets you always see children playing, people walking, and residents enjoying the safety that we all take for granite. The Pleasanton Police Department has a long standing tradition of professionalism, and compassion that equates the highest quality law enforcement. Living with a sense of security allows residents to have sense of comfort that is second to none.

The city of Pleasanton has so many activities and events, makes it a very social and fun environment. Keeping up with schedule of events may become over whelming. One of the most popular events is our year round farmers market that takes place every Saturday morning in downtown Pleasanton. Fresh produce, fresh baked bread, flowers are just a few items that line the streets every Saturday morning. Sporting activities vary from Little League, Adult Softball, Golf, Soccer, Lacrosse, so much more.  The action does not stop there as Downtown Pleasanton has many different event such as, wine strolls, summer series concerts in the park, Street fairs, and much more. The Alameda County Fair is also located here, and it offers several different events year round.

Pleasanton’s charm and beauty needs to be experienced first hand. Every aspect of Pleasanton has such a high standard of excellence that makes it irresistible. As a result of everything Pleasanton has to offer, the real estate in Pleasanton is always in high demand. It is not un-common for home buyers to settle for a smaller home just to live in Pleasanton. Surrounding area’s can offer a larger home for the same money, but they do not offer the complete package. Pleasanton is a fantastic community that you will love!

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