1655 N. California Blvd #218
Walnut Creek


Mercer Building, Walnut Creek, CA

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A lifestyle like no other, you can now re-invent how you live, work and play at the Mercer Walnut Creek condominium  community, where the Mount Diablo Homes will offer not only a new lifestyle but also luxurious living. These Walnut Creek new condos are located right at Mount Diablo State Park. Mercer is about convenience. Walnut Creek is about lifestyle. Mercer is about sophisticated living in the heart of an urban center.

Within the community of lights, luxury condos, restaurants, and contemporary homes, the Walnut Creek  Mercer Condos are exactly what home purchasers are looking for. Just within walking distance of your new Mercer Mount Diablo condominium home will be plenty of shopping boutiques and the Walnut Creek’s best dining options. You can take a walk or enjoy an endless number of different recreational activities in and around the Walnut Creek Mount Diablo State Park any time and any day.

At home at the condos in Walnut Creek North California, you can turn your grill on, invite friends over, take a dip in the community pool or enjoy a late night movie, all within the community that will allow you to do whatever you want and wherever you want. A carefree and maintenance free living experience awaits you at the new Walnut Creek condos at Mercer. Life should always be like this.



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